Carrot Cake Pancakes

I would call these Coconut Carrot Cake Pancakes but I didn’t have any coconut, very sad day here at my house, but alas I have an abundance of coconut oil!      For something so decadent this recipe is very easy, you only need minimal ingredients and only takes about 15-20 minutes.  For these more […]

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Masala Hummus

One of my favourite hummus flavours is this one, so today I was looking for a snack and was going to settle for regular hummus, but then I remembered that my spice cupboard exists. Low and behold 2 of the 183098 indian spices my parents keep stocked. The Moghul Curry powder is very mild but adds […]

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Chickpea & Crispy Tofu Buddha Bowl

AKA Whatever’s in your fridge Buddha Bowl. What is a “Buddha Bowl” you ask? I didn’t really know either, they just kept popping up all over my social media pages lookin’ delicious. So after some thorough research (asking google: what are buddha bowls?) I concluded that they are are also sometimes referred to as glory or hippie […]

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The best donut place ever 

One of my favourite things is tricking my friends into eating things that are vegan and gluten free without them noticing. Now that I’ve been this way for more than half a year now I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I took my friend Nekita here for her first time, joined by a seasoned Cartems […]

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H&M has vegan make up!

I bet you didn’t know that H&M has a brand new beauty line as of earlier this fall/late summer. I bet you also didn’t know that their entire beauty line is cruelty free AND vegan. Not to mention it’s all made in sustainable areas (mostly Europe) and they are coming out with their own organic […]

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